• Application for Staff From Abroad (SFA)

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    Application Guideline:

    Pacific Rim International Camp (PRIC) accept application for volunteer staff who gets engaged in carrying for PRIC camp program. PRIC staff should attend to the weekly meeting held in Tokyo and training camp held in Nagano for discussing camp until the camp will be started (You can get no money as a reward). We understand it’ hard for staff to manage both their role and responsibility in this camp and their works or studies at the same time. However, we believe that every moment in this camp will be wonderful experience for you. We are looking for and welcoming the person who has good leadership and sense of responsibility.

    Applicant Eligibility:

    • 18 years-old or older person who is healthy both physically and mentally
    • The person who can act with awareness and responsibility as a leader of outdoor education programs for junior-high and/or high school students

    Role and Responsibility:​

    • Design, Investigation, and Instruction for outdoor camp program (e.g. Outdoor cooking, hiking, orienteering, etc.)
    • Music Instruction (e.g. Camp fire, Gathering, etc.)
    • Design, Investigation, and Instruction for international interaction program (Cultural exchange, Environmental workshop, etc.)
    • Counseling for junior-high and/or high school students
    • Recording daily activity in the camp (Shooting photos/movies, publishing newspaper, etc.)
    • Health monitoring (only knowledgeable person)


    All applicant will receive the notification for the date and venue for the interview after applicant screening with application form and related documents. Any expenses which will be happened during the terms of the camp shall be paid by PRIC except traffic expenses on the way to camp site from your home. (the air-ticket for Staff from abroad shall be paid by PRIC.)

    Application Process:​

    Send an email to Camp Executive Committee (staff-recruit#pric.org) with requested information and attaching completed documents as follows.

    **Please change “#” into “@” when sending emails.


    Requested information.

    1. Name (with Hiragana if available)
    2. Age
    3. Home address
    4. TEL
    5. Email address

    Required document

    1. Completed “Staff Application Form”
    2. Essay (free format)

    Required document:​

    1. Staff application form

    Complete the form with attaching the photo of you. (The signature of your parent shall be needed on the agreement for insurance during the camp if you are under 20 years-old.)

    1. Essay

    Write your essay with following theme.

    1. What do you want to achieve in the camp?
    2. How can you contribute to the camp?
    3. How do you want to make use of camp activities later?

    To applicants:​

    Please make sure that all your documents cannot be returned once you submitted. And we cannot respond any questions related to the selection process. We’ll arrange your assignment for your role and responsibility in the camp when you have limitation for your schedule. So, please tell us about your circumstance. There are a lot of function and you can contribute to the camp in a variety of ways. Kindly ask us if you have any query. Camp Executive Committee (staff-recruit#pric.org)

    **Please change “#” into “@” when sending emails.

  • Application Form

    Download the template of application form from PRIC HP (Click the “Download” below) and complete all items on it. And send the completed application form* with the other required documents to Camp Executive Committee (staff-recruit#pric.org).

    *if you are under 20 years old, get the sign of your parent on it.

    **Please change “#” into “@” when sending emails.


  • Notification

    As a staff of PRIC:

    PRIC is the approved NPO which organize this camp program with so many organizations located globally. And this camp program aimed at is mainly to educate/train young students. Therefore, all the applicants are required to understand to be a STAFF of PRIC and have higher morals and responsibilities.

    Volunteer staff:

    Although volunteers are based on your voluntary action, we PRIC can’t permit you to take action according to only your personal favorite things or matters. You should work together with the other staff and organization to manage the camp. We expect you to take your action proactively and to be able to contribute to the big success of the camp as a STAFF of PRIC.


    We PRIC prepare some workshop and meetings to train you to be a staff and are welcomed your own opinion to make something better.


    At last, We PRIC hope all the applicants can learn and get a lot of precious things during the opportunities during Pacific Rim International Camp.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.