• Voice From Volunteers

    〜 Extracted from past PRIC report 〜



    PRIC 2014 was an experience that will continue to live on in the hearts of both campers and staff. It’s an opportunity for people to come together to share and understand each other’s culture and to build friends that last a lifetime. I first visited Japan as a PRIC camper in 2008. It was there I fell in love with the country and the people I met through the camp. My reason for coming back as a staff member was to hopefully reignite this feeling in the campers. It was a personal aim to bond with the campers and to offer them a ‘hands on’ learning that cannot be achieved in a traditional school environment. What I received back from the campers was a reward larger then I ever could have expected.



    This year’s camp seems familiar to me as I have experienced it before but it is also a completely new story. Just like reading your same old favorite book, it doesn’t matter how many time you have read it. Each time you get to read it, you will always get to learn something new. – The eight days at the campsite had quickly passed. With each and every moment we have shared together, all the love, kindness, laughter and friendship in the camp will always be on our minds and in our hearts. Thank you very much every single person for making this camp a success.



    Running an international camp is a big responsibility and the effort that was shown by all was tremendous. Even though it is tiring sometimes but seeing the campers having fun and smile together despite their cultural background differences and languages, it was worth it! There are so many things that I have gained through life changing experience with both SFAs and SFJs where the working style and process is very different from what I am used to. Although we may or may not see each other again but this is not goodbye as our friendship will last through eternity and our journey through life has just began with brothers and sisters all around the world.



    Cesare Pavese once ever said that we don’t remember days but we remember moments. That’s right, sometimes we will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory and getting involved as a Counselor From Abroad (CFA) in PRIC 2015 was really a great experience and memory for me. It’s not just an ordinary memory because we all; staffs and campers, spent and shared lives together for almost a month which then made us united and feel like a family, and I love craving those memories on the milestone of my life’s oddysey. If you ask me whether if PRIC affects my life or not, I’d answer yes, because after 16 years since my participation in PRIC 1999 as a camper I’d came back again to Japan for PRIC 2015 as a staff, which proves that the memory never fades from my memory and the goodness of the camp drew me once again to taste and feel it but in a different way.



    Before coming to Japan, I was asking myself, what should I expect from the camp as a staff? I was trying to set aside my experiences when I was a camper because I told myself that this is going to be a different experience. I wanted to have an open mind and an open heart for me to be able to absorb and appreciate everything that would happen during the camp. I’m glad I did it. It has been 5 long years since I’ve been to Japan and the last time I was here, I was still a camper. Every place that we’ve been to, every song we sang and every activity we had, brought back memories that would make me remember how fun it was to be in PRIC. It reminded me that PRIC was truly one of the best experiences I had. ""

    In PRIC 2010 it changed the ways on how I view the world and it really did make me a better person, in PRIC 2015 it even made me better! Every camp is a different experience and I’m glad that I came back to this camp again.



    3ships, including leadership, followership, and friendship, are discussed every year to direct where we should go as a social organization. Honestly, I have never considered, recognized and kept having awareness of what 3ships were as much as I have this year, though I’ve experienced both a camper and a staff.
    In fact, the discussion about how we could define 3Ships made us heated up because of various points of view on the theme. It was hard to discuss, however, because there were lots of situation that were needed to think abstract things.
    I think it’s necessary for who joins PRIC as a staff, to become able to explain a philosophy of this camp. This is because it may lead staffs into understanding of PRIC, or may let them maintain their enthusiasm, and it is needed to comprehend a direction of the whole camp. Above all, if the staffs providing contents of this camp don’t realize the philosophy, we cannot be said a corrective organization. Thus, I suggest that whoever joins this camp as a staff, including those who are not in charge of programs, should ponder 3Ships through discussion and deeply thinking.