• Greetings From Chairman

    Takahara Katsuyuki( AJSC 1973, CRS 1974)


    I, almost 60 years old, think that
    You sometime have a "miracle time" in your life.

    It made you what you are.

    It made you get along with a setback.

    Because the time wouldn't be always when you make a big decision

    and an ordinary life would continue after the time.
    Looking back later, you realize that it was a miracle time for you.

    As for me All Japan Student Camp(*) was my "miracle time".
    Also, Camp Rising Sun in USA also gave me such feelings.

    We,Pacific Rim International Student Camp eager to provide you such experience.
    This is our goal in this camp program.
    Now this summer, why not finding your own "miracle time"?

    *The former camp of Pacific International Student Camp