• Application of Campers From Abroad (CFA)

    PRIC2017 Camper Entry Has Been Closed

    Selection Guidelines :

    The selection process and qualifications differ between applicants in Japan and those residing abroad, and campers from abroad (CFAs) are recruited through the associated educational organization in each participating country. Applications for CFAs will be accepted through May 31, 2017, Japan time. The application form should be accompanied by all the documents required by the PRIC Camp Executive Committee. We could put you to each associated organization, so please contact us if you get motivated and would like to apply as a representative of each country.

    Qualification :

    Applicants should be male students from one of the participating countries and region between 14 and 18 years of age as of August 1, 2017. Successful candidates must be able to speak and understand English, as they will be discussing the life and culture of their country in English. They must be available for the entire duration of the program and must follow the arrival and departure dates set by the host organization. They are expected to have a strong desire to learn about other people, cultures, and countries with a positive attitude throughout the program. Preference is given to students who have never stayed in Japan before.

    Number of Participating Campers :

    Total 42: 30 from Japan, 12 from overseas

    At least one camper from each participating foreign country and region is invited. The final number of campers may differ from what is given above.

    Fee :

    The host organization will bear all necessary expenses during the camp program, including room, board, and transportation, as well as the round-trip airfare to Japan. The campers are asked to provide for local travel expenses to the airport of departure in his country, expenses for obtaining an entry visa to Japan, and any other personal expenses.

    How to Apply :

    The following documents must be sent to the Camp Executive Committee.

    1. Application Form
    2. Health Certificate prepared by medical doctor. The Health Certificate must demonstrate the applicant to be physically and mentally healthy and fit for the programs, which will include mountain hiking and outdoor sports.
    3. School Transcript
    4. Letter of Recommendation, written by the school principal or another appropriate individual
    5. Essay written by the applicant (see Application Questionnaire)
    6. Copy of Passport, if available. A passport copy will be necessary for travel arrangements once selected.

    Application Questionnaire :

    The following questions should be answered in writing and submitted with your application.

    1. Why do you want to participate in PRIC?
    2. What do you believe are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
    3. How do you envision your future?
    4. Have you made a presentation to a group of people outside of your class? If yes, when, to whom, and on what occasion did you do so?
    5. What is your hobby or extracurricular activity you are working on with ardor? If you have a goal for it, describe it,
    6. In what ways do you think you can contribute to better understanding of your country in an international setting?
    7. What do you think are the issues with global importance that should be shared and dis-cussed with people from around the world? How do you want to participate in the discussions?

    Application Deadline : June 9, 2017

    Depending on the application situation of each associated educational organization, the date is moveable.

    Selection :

    After reviewing the application documents, we will notify successful candidates with a letter of acceptance. The selection process is completed after the acceptance letter is sent to successful candidates and the Acknowledgement Form is properly signed and submitted to the host organization. All correspondence will be done electronically.

    Address :

    Approved NPO Pacific Rim International Student Camp

    Attention: PRIC 2017 Camp Executive Committee

    2-12-9 Nishiogi-Minami Suginami-ku Tokyo 167-0053, JAPAN

    E-mail: pric-sel-comm-a#pric.org

    **Please change “#” into “@” when sending emails.

    Note :

    Application document will not be returned under any circumstance.

  • Regulation

    Below are the regulations of Pacific Rim International Camp. Guardians and applicants must thoroughly read and understand the following before submitting the application documents.

    1. Guardians are responsible for promptly notifying the host organization in writing if their child develops any kind of medical condition before coming to the camp. 
    2. Campers must adequately take care of their personal health and safety. 
    3. Guardians must submit their current address and phone number so that the host organization can contact them in case of emergency. 
    4. Campers must follow the arrival and departure dates set by the host organization. Unauthorized personal travel will not be permitted. 
    5. If campers wish to bring anything that is not included in the list of Things to Bring, they must obtain prior permission from the host organization. 
    6. Private telephone calls, purchases of gifts, and any other personal expenses shall be borne by the camper. The host organization shall not be held responsible for any personal expenses of the campers.
    7. Campers are encouraged to obtain some knowledge of the history, geography, culture, and customs of their country before coming to the camp.
    8. Campers must follow the rules and regulations of the host organization and pay particular attention to directives given orally or distributed in print during the camp.
    9. To protect the campers’ safety, unauthorized visitors will not be allowed during the programs. If campers would like to have a personal friend to visit, they must consult and obtain prior permission from the host organization. 
    10. For security reasons, we ask that all campers hand in their passports and air tickets to the assigned member of staff upon arrival. The documents will be held for safekeeping for the duration of the camp.
    11. Each camper is required to answer a questionnaire and submit a report of about 2,000 words, written in English, about his experiences at PRIC. The report must be typed and sent to the PRIC office by September 3, 2017.

  • Application Form and General Information

    Click here to download the file.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.